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Posted: 2017-5-18
Expired: 2017-5-28
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  A rough salt dry cleaning method: Preparation of materials: coarse salt, large plastic bag. Method: the coarse salt and dirty plush toy together into a large plastic bag force, and then the pocket tightly shaking force, so that coarse salt and plush toy surface full access. You will find white coarse salt slowly black, and plush toy will become a lot clean. Second, the water hand-washing method: Preparation of materials: detergent, water, washing machine Hand washing method: small plush toy can be hand-cleaned with water directly. The detergent directly dissolved in water, soft plush toy dirty parts. Or use a soft sponge, wipe the surface with a wash water, wipe clean parts and then wipe with water again. Third, the washing machine cleaning method: a small plush toy can first use the tape to wear parts of the wear stained, into the washing machine, choose a soft washing method. After washing, drying, hanging cool dry, and intermittently pat plush toy, to fur, filling fluffy, soft. Tips: a large plush toy to find the filling seam, remove the filler (acrylic cotton), the same parts of the tape to wear parts of wear, the plush toy skin into the washing machine in the soft wash, dry, hanging shade Dry. Then put the filler into the plush toy epidermis, the whole type, suture. For some not so good site, you can use the hair dryer appropriate dry look. Yang Can

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