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Custom Plush Toys

Posted: 2017-5-18
Expired: 2017-5-28
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Clean plush toy coarse salt can get clean, coarse salt cleaning industry
(That is, coarse salt, the supermarket for sale, 2 yuan a bag) and the dirty... The plush toy together into a plastic bag, Department of mouth, hard shaking under dozens of can, remove the salt has been due to adsorption of dirt and become gray-black. Advantages: to avoid washing the plush toy caused by plagiarism knot, and salt disinfection effect, fast and time-saving. Principle: the use of sodium chloride that is positive and negative ions on the adsorption of dirt. Tantric: This method can also be used to clean the padded plush collar and the car inside the plush cushion of small things. Zhang Yue
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