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bunny stuffed animal

Posted: 2017-5-18
Expired: 2017-5-28
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Different materials, different ways to clean the baby plush toy a coup clean, plush toy cleaning industry
Different materials and different ways to clean your baby plush toy has a coup. After birth, my father and mother will be in the baby 's baby room piling up a lot of plush toy. However, after playing the baby, clean plush toy is Mommy is a headache thing, like some plush toy is very difficult to wash, even wash clean, and plush inside or not dry. How to clean the baby's plush toy? According to a bacteriologist's determination: the disinfected plush toy to play for 10 days after the baby, plastic plush toy on the number of colonies up to 3163, plush toy on the wooden 4934, and the fur produced plush toy As much as 21,500. Baby usually play plush toy, like casually throwing the ground, bite the mouth and so on. Therefore, you must attach great Plush Toys Manufacturers, Stuffed Animals Manufacturers, Stuffed Toys Suppliers, Custom Plush Toys Company www.plushtoymanufacturers.com


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