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Low Voltage Led Landscape Lights Solar LED Lights

Posted: 2017-7-17
Expired: 2018-7-17
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low voltage led landscape Lights Solar LED Lights AdvantagesController: Dedicated controller, optically Control, Time Control,Anti-overdischarge and Short-circuit Resistance.Pole:  Aluminum alloy  mould making powder-coated with electrostatic spray for anti-salted, anti-acid, rust resistant.Work Time:  Optically controlled automatically open to turn off the lights.. Main LED light turns on at dark in fullpower first  4 hours , it turns 1/4 power to next dawn automotically. Auxiliary Lamp colorful gradient closed after 4 hours. When people pass by, the light turn to full brightness in 1 minutes automatically by infrared sensor.With sensor switchFlexible Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel‍Ni-Mh BatteryWhite LED Bulb LampRGB-LED Flower LightsOptically ControlLng&Lat Control SwitchIntelligent ControlInfrared Sensor50% illumination 100% illuminationØ3m Sensing RangeLighting status with nobody passing throughLighting status when people are passingSolar PowerBattery CapacityTotal Power of Light Power of Main LampPower of  Auxiliary LampColor Temperature of Main LampWorking Temperature HeightWind Resistance     Rainy/Cloudy Days  12W±15%2.4V/52Ah5.5W5W0.25W * 2pcs3000K~6000K-20℃~55?.9m27m/s?0级风?~5?      
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