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BIO Magnetic Girdle - Art 9930796

Posted: 2011-9-9
Expired: 2012-3-7
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Detailed Description:

BIO Magnetic Girdle - Art 9930796:


• The Bio Magnets are sewn into lower back area.


• Control bands, waist, hips and back area.


• The bottom front is shaped high for comfort.


• This style provides maximum control.



Magneto therapy


• Relieve your pain naturally and quickly


• Reduce Inflammation


• Restore your energy levels


• Increase blood circulation


• Supports the healing process.


• Improves your quality of life.




• Not to be used by pregnant or who use a pacemaker or defibrillator or other electrical implants or devices.


• Not to be used by People of suffering from skin allergy.


• Not to be used by Women in lactation within half a year of giving birth.


• Not to be used by People of suffering from serious heart attack.


• Not to be used by People of being allergic to magnetism.



NOTICE: This item is not a medical device and should not be substituted for medical treatment.

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