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drop forging

Posted: 2017-5-19
Expired: 2018-5-19
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Drop forging is a metalworking process that gradually shapes a heated piece of metal, called an ingot. It involves forming the ingot with repeated blows from a hammer or die that is raised and then dropped onto the part, flattening it or forcing it into a mold. Depending on the complexity of the part design, the process sometimes requires using several dies in progression. The drop forging process usually produces a close approximation of the finished piece, but additional machining typically is required to bring it within tolerance. Drop forging is widely used throughout the automotive industry in producing various engine parts, gears and axles.

The dies used for drop forging typically are made of a high alloy steel, called tool steel. Forging dies are designed to be impact resistant and wear resistant, and they generally can withstand thousands of rapid heating and cooling cycles. Drop forging molds are usually made in two halves. The upper half, called the hammer, is attached to the block that is raised and dropped onto the ingot. The lower half, called the anvil, usually is a stationary die against which the ingot is forged.
Closed-die drop forging is done with dies that do not completely enclose the workpiece. The dies usually are flat, although contoured dies or cutting dies can be used as well. The closed design allows room for the ingot to expand as it is hammered to the desired thickness.
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