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high pressure forged fittings

Posted: 2017-5-19
Expired: 2017-11-15
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 Fly Drop Forge has initiated the new manufacturing unit in year 2001, to manufacture high pressure forged fittings(forged socket weld fittings, forged threaded fittings)

High pressure forged fittings,range include 45 Deg.Elbow,90 Deg.Elbow,Tee,Nipples, Reducers, Cap, Coupling, Cross,Boss and Bussing, Union, Plug , Stub End, Sokolet, Thredolet, Flangeolet, Weldolet, Nippolet, Elbowlet, needed by the various Process Plant customers under third party inspection agencies in small economical lots considering the process viability.
To achieve mass production ratios a fully integrated system has been introduced, in line with new capabilities and capacities, which will provide prompt deliveries.
As to achieve higher growth and to satisfy our demanding customers in these competitive times,no order is too small or too large for our experienced staff to process.
Fly Drop Forge delivery ranges from ex-stock or just in time schedule to minimum possible manufacturing or inspection time period.
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