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drop forged conveyor chain

Posted: 2017-5-19
Expired: 2018-5-19
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 Fly Drop Forge has a huge inventory of both New and Remanufactured drop forged conveyor chain and chain attachments.

Wilkie is the only company that can offer the customer so many different options in drop forged conveyor chain. Choose from all new, all remanufactured,or a combination of the two.
Whether it's new or remanufactured,Drop forged conveyor chain is "pre-stressed" or proof load tested after assembly to insure integrity and carries a full two year parts replacement warranty
Remanufacturing Process
Trolleysare removed from drop forged conveyor chain
Conveyor Chain is completely disassembled
All contaminants, dirt, grease, and rust are removed using our unique cleaning process
Chain is sorted into center links, side links, and pins
All parts are inspected and gauged
Only parts with less than 10% wear are reused
All "out of spec." parts are scrapped
Drop forged conveyor chain is then assembled to customer specifications
Assembled chain is "pre-stressed" or proof load tested to insure integrity
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