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companies that make stuffed animals

Posted: 2016-12-28
Expired: 2017-12-28
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companies that make stuffed animals 

 Plush toy how to wash? Xiao Bian teach you the correct cleaning dolls plush toy cleaning industry
 Plush toy how to wash? Cold winter a lot of girls like to hold a soft plush toy, but plush toy is very easy to dirty, if you want to clean the doll clean. The replacement of hundreds of dollars seems to be some waste, but their wash, if the method is not right, lovely dolls may become a "dead doll", and today Xiao Bian teach you how to properly clean plush toy, both to ensure plush toy Clean, but also to ensure that plush toy is not deformed. [Hand wash] Prepare the washbasin water, pour into the cleaning agent to stir until completely dissolved, the plush toy put into hand squeeze into the cleaning agent, after the sewage drained and then rinse with water to clean Dry cloth wrapped plush toy a few minutes, will absorb part of the water, and then air-dried, or let it do sunbathing is also a good way. [Wash] can wash the plush toy, the detergent added to the basin, according to a certain percentage of water into some, with a general soft brush to stir the pot of water, stir up the rich foam, followed by a soft brush Foam will plush toy surface brush clean, we must pay attention to the brush do not stick too much water. Brush clean plush toy surface with a towel after the plush toy wrapped up into the basin filled with water pressure wash, so you can plush toy inside the dust and washing liquid clean. Then put plush toy plus soft

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