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plush dog toys

Posted: 2016-12-28
Expired: 2017-12-28
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plush dog toys

Oct 28th, 2016 plush toy products huichen gifts crafts net offer plush toy gift handicraft industry
 Plush toy how to clean? After watching it no longer worry about deformation it! Plush toys, deformation gifts crafts industry
 Plush toy how to clean? After watching it no longer worry about deformation it! gift 2016 Nian 07 Yue 21 Ri 15:45 Source: China Clean Portal Analysis: China Clean Portal T | T soft silky plush toy is a favorite of many children and baby girl, like a panda friends, friends rabbits, penguins dolphins And so on. However, with the time to play, plush toy which is likely to accumulate a lot of dirt, is not conducive to our health, so plush flat plush toy to regular cleaning. That plush toy how clear? Let's take a look. 1, adjust the water temperature: a lot of high-grade plush toy need to wash with warm water, so that it will not damage plush toy softness. General water temperature control in thirty or forty degrees on it. If it is really hot summer, do not add water, and put a pot in the sun under the water washing plush toy on the very good. 2, the depth of the color of the plush toy separately to wash: wash plush toy, the need to separate the depth of color to wash, do not mix together, in the event of fade, dyed to other plush toy, it is difficult to read. Especially some of the spring plush toy, white, pure pink, etc., stained with a little other colors are very ugly. 3, the choice of neutral detergent: plush toy in the cleaning, the best use of neutral detergent, plush toy less damage, will not lead to hair loss, fade and so on. Add detergent should also be appropriate, according to the instructions on the rational addition, so as not to waste too much. In addition, you can use coarse salt washing plush toy, but pay attention to the amount. 4, wash plush toy should not be too hard: please wash plush toy is, should not be too hard to grasp, pinch, etc., so as not to damage plush toy or lead to hair loss. Should be based on the plush toy texture choice whether the force, less long hard plush, short hair or no fluff can be slightly rub rub. 5, select the appropriate scrub tools: plush toy soft texture, can not use ordinary brush scrub, should use a dedicated plush toy soft brush. When buying a soft brush to choose good quality, not lint we go. 6, first soak a good detergent and then soak into the plush toy: Before washing, the detergent should be added first, to be fully detergent open, then put plush toy soak for half an hour or so. The middle can be reversed inversion in order to completely bubble open. So that when you wash plush toy will be a lot easier. 7, prudent use of washing machines: Washing machine washing plush toy Although effort, but the high-speed washing machine is easy to break the plush toy, so if the plush toy is not dirty, it is recommended by hand wash, dirty some places to wash several times on the line, Can save power. 8, good dehydration and drying: plush toy is not easy to dry, preferably with a washing machine for dehydration. Will be clean plush toy wrap with a towel, into the washing machine to choose a gentle dehydration, dehydration after the plush toy after shaping and carding and placed in ventilated place to dry. It is best not to exposure, exposure is easy to change color. The above points, that is, the plush toy cleaning methods, if you are not clear plush toy cleaning method, you can use this as a refer

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