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personalized stuffed doll

Posted: 2016-12-28
Expired: 2017-12-28
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personalized stuffed doll 

Guangzhou Zengcheng Jade Oasis Kindergarten: Let plush toys become clean plush toys Gift Crafts Industry
Guangzhou Zengcheng emerald oasis Kindergarten: Let become clean plush toy gift 2016 Nian 07 Yue 21 Ri 15:35 Source: China Network Analysis: China Rural Network T | T kids like plush toy, happy, unhappy that they will Hold it. However, a long time or for other reasons, plush toy urgent need to clean. However, at present, most of the shops only provide "stain cleaning". However, most of the plush toy can be more thoroughly cleaned. The key is to know how to safely wash them clean. 1, local cleaning Apply a little on the brush on the washing powder, then dip the water, carefully cleaning the surface of plush toy. If your plush toy performance of some obvious stains, be sure to clean it in advance, or in the overall cleaning, these stains will stubbornly stay in plush toy surface. 2, thorough cleaning If after washing, you still feel dirty plush toy, will be placed in a zipper pillowcase, squeeze out the excess air, pull the zipper. However, to ensure there is enough space in the bag, you can allow the plush toy to flip inside. Please note that if the plush toy too large, if you can not accommodate the washing machine, it can not be used in this way to clean up. 3, cold water will be installed in the pillowcase in the plush toy into the washing machine, add a mild detergent, the laundry mode is set to soft cycle cold water settings, most of the plush toy will be sensitive to hot water, hot blisters too So plush toy deformation. So be sure to use cold water to wash, of course, the effect of cold water cleaning is not hot, so you can make the washing time is slightly extended. Cycle washing mode, if the washing machine discharge water is already clean water, that your plush toy has been cleaned thoroughly, you can end the washing. 4, completely dry After the wash cycle, remove the pillowcase, it will be placed in the dryer, set the temperature of the minimum temperature of the hair dryer settings. There is no dryer at home, parents can also choose to hang in the sun to dry. However, be sure your plush toy in the sun straight, the surface will not fade or other adverse consequences. Pull the zipper away. Observe whether the plush toy has been completely dry. If it is still wet, put it in a pillowcase and dry it again in a drier, and so on several times until your plush toy is completely dry. 5, remove the plush toy Finally, plush toy removed from the pillowcase, let it back to your child's arms. 

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