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custom plush toy manufacturer

Posted: 2016-12-28
Expired: 2017-12-28
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custom plush toy manufacturer Pleasure Supply Papa plush toy plush toy, Papa Pillow, music cartoon pillow Gift Crafts Industry

Monkey campaign advertising promotional gifts artifact business gifts gifts crafts industry
T658121817 custom: Group buy custom customized use: advertising promotions custom quantity: 100 sets of custom unit price: 8.50 yuan shopping malls 2016 New Year's Day New Year's Day 2016 New Year's Day 2016 New Year's Day Activities, because it is a monkey, they think of using monkey plush toy as a promotional gift. This monkey doll modeling cute, color festive, and cheap. Used to New Year's Day, during the Spring Festival to do promotional gifts will be able to attract more customers into the store consumption, driven sales at the same time be able to give customers surprise, but also improve the reputation of shopping malls, why not? Program description exquisite beauty, lively and lovely cute expression stay Meng home to three, happy home Gao Binxiang <

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