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customized stuffed toys

Posted: 2016-12-28
Expired: 2017-12-28
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customized stuffed toys 

Beijing Pearl River Delta JW Marriott Hotel bright Christmas season passion Beijing Pearl River Delta, JW Marriott Hotel Hotel Industry
November 27, 2011, the JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing, the Pearl River Delta held a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, the JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing's Pearl River Delta JW Marriott Hotel, the bright lights of the Christmas season, the hotel is located in Beijing's Pearl River Delta JW Marriott Hotel bright Christmas season hotel December 23, 2015 08:51 Source: Sina.com T | T Food & And sold in the lobby to commemorate the Griffin plush toy, the sale of charitable funds will be used for charity. On the evening of December 24, JWKitchen's Christmas Eve feast will feature live seafood feasts, live fresh oysters, Boston lobsters, seafood basins and various deep sea sashimi, as well as special turkey series. RMB 988 net per person, including a glass of sparkling wine and unlimited drinks, soft drinks, selected wines, local beers and hot tea. Italian Cuisine Italian Cuisine Italian Cuisine Chef Luca Launched a traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner, including the Italian DOP Saint Danny ham with a black truffle cheese and fresh French oysters, etc., each net price of 1188 yuan RMB. Tian Jiali

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