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Posted: 2017-2-16
Expired: 2017-8-15
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 wholesale lingerie “We offer a luxury quality product at a more accessible price, an aesthetic that aligns 

with the ‘less is more’ mantra, a brand ethos and voice that resonates with the 
contemporary female and high-touch customer service experience to help guide the customer 
to finding product she loves,” Lauren Schwab, co-founder of Negative Underwear, tells FOX 
Like Adore Me, Schwab says Negative Underwear is committed to an e-commerce strategy that 
offers customers the highest-quality product at the best price.
“I believe that women have had enough with the ‘Mean Girls’ attitude of certain brands, 
making them feel bad about their bodies,” Hermand-Waiche adds.
At the same time, both Negative Underwear and Adore Me say they still believe in having a 
presence on Main Street.
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