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Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine Cost

Posted: 2017-9-5
Expired: 2018-3-4
Unit Price: NegotiableSet
Min.Order Qty: 1 Set/Sets
Ordering Qty: Negotiable
Detailed Description:

 1.This cocoa bean peeling machine is a special equipment for processing cocoa bean and peanut. it has a high degree of automation, peeling rate is high, low noise and no pollution etc. this machine is the vacuum cleaner can suck cocoa bean skin and peanut red coat, is the ideal choice for the food processing industry.

2.This equipment machine set function shelling. Shelling polishing one time. Shelling rate of 99%.  No damage to cocoa beans. This equipment energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance, with vacuum fan, no dust outside.

The machine adopts the peeling rolls, consisting of fans, gravity sorting section, simple and compact structure, easy operation, stable performance, safe and reliable.

How it works: cocoa feeding, first off the hopper feed evenly by rubbing off-roll peeling, then fans will take off the skin to breathe outside the machine Shaq Long storage by the wind, cocoa kernels after peeling by material the discharge port, by adjusting the size of the wind, peeling gap size can be achieved by all skin peeling Ren separately.


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