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China block bottom pouch

Posted: 2017-11-13
Expired: 2018-5-12
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Flat Bottom Coffee Pouch With Front zipper and degassing Valve
Flat bottom stand up pouches (also known as square bottom pouch, flat base pouch or box pouch) with degassing valves and resealable zippers are highly suited for packaging freshly roasted coffee beans. This is because our recylcable flat bottom pouches are produced using the best materials. These materials have excellent barrier properties ensuring the coffee's continued quality. Moreover the degassing valve allows excess gas, which coffee still produces for some time after roasting, to escape, while at the same time oxygen cannot enter the coffee pouch. In this way the flavour and aroma of the coffee is excellently preserved.

1.Bags can be with Degassing valve (Goglio valve, PBI Valve etc.) 3 years shelf time can keep coffee fresh.
2.High barrier KPET, EVOH PE etc. material are available.
3.Excellent heat seal with the anti-pollution.
4.Parts of pouch are matte-finishing in order to highlight the main sections, making the packaging more gorgeous.
5.With Aluminum Foil material lined so high barrier and longer shelf time.

BN PACKAGING) (Guangzhou Ben En Packaging CO, LTD ) is a professional packaging factory.Our factory is specializing in kinds of packaging products:
aluminum foil zip lock bag, plastic bag, food and pet food bag, polyester bag, Doypack, box pouch, Kraft paper/PET/PE bag and any other laminated bag and packaging film and so on. Which covers business scope such as food package, gift package, cosmetic package, promotion etc.China block bottom pouch
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