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Lingerie brand- Figfort seller

Posted: 2011-6-9
Expired: 2015-6-8
Unit Price: Negotiable
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Detailed Description:

 Our company has it's onw brand 
"Figfort", that is sold mainly in 
Portugal and Spain, and also 
produces Private Label. 

"Figfort" brand: 
16 new collections each year, in 
the different product segments: 

- Basic: Flat products, with 
soft raw materials for daily use 
- Essential: Flat products for 
daily use, with fashion 
- Fashion: Elaborated 
according the tendencies of each 
season, intends above all, to 
bring innovation 
- Seductive: More 
sophisticated products, with 
more sensual and sexy aspect, 
usually more expensive, because 
of the materials used, like “laces” 
- Structured: Goods 
elaborated to allow adult control 
and modeling of the body 

In terms of producing other 
brands that are not ours we are 
looking for products that have 
added value. We do not have 
minimums of production and we 
do not produce for very 
competitive prices but for quality!

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